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Caffeine deaths may be under-reported

16 Jul

Caffeine is the world’s most popular psychoactive drug and it is known to enhance certain cognitive processes. Beyond this, moderate coffee and tea consumption may have additional health benefits.

However, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports the widespread availability of  powdered caffeine and some high caffeine beverages may have resulted in a number of deaths:

“It’s difficult to get a lethal dose from caffeinated drinks because the stimulant also dehydrates its drinkers, she said. People who drink coffee and energy drinks urinate more frequently, and expel some of the caffeine from their system.

Espresso shots and powders have a much higher concentration of caffeine, making it easier to ingest a harmful amount.”

The article points to evidence that the number of caffeine deaths may be under-reported:


This video from Dr. Greger discusses both the benefits of caffeine and the dangers of caffeine overdose.



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