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Weight loss improves memory in type II diabetes

25 May

A thesis from Umeå University titled “Brain function and glucocorticoids in obesity and type 2 diabetes including effects of lifestyle interventions.”  From the conclusion:

” Cortisol levels are linked to prefrontal brain structure and, at least in type 2 diabetes, lower memory performance. Furthermore, the dysregulated GC metabolism in obesity can be reversed by long-term diet- induced weight loss. Finally, dietary interventions with associated metabolic improvements alter functional brain responses during memory testing, including increased activation of the hippocampus. Whether these changes are linked to alterations in GC exposure and mediate improved cognition requires further study. “

Fish consumption may increase diabetes risk

6 May

I have blogged a number of times about the relationship between diabetes and dementia. Now there is evidence that fish consumption may increase your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Greger explains:


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Type 2 Diabetes and Brain Volume

3 May

A paper titled, “Influence of Type 2 Diabetes on Brain Volumes and Changes in Brain Volumes,” was published in the journal Diabetes Care. Using magnetic resonance imaging, the researchers looked at brain volume changes in older women over a four to seven year period. The conclusion:

“Diabetes is associated with smaller brain volumes in gray but not white matter and increasing ischemic lesion volumes throughout the brain. These markers are associated with but do not fully account for diabetes-related deficits in cognitive function.”

Here his Dr. Greger on treating diabetes:


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Is Alzheimer’s disease type III diabetes?

19 Dec

I have come across a number of blog posts recently suggesting that Alzheimer’s disease might be a kind of diabetes. This is an interesting conjecture because it might help explain the connection between life-style and dementia.

Here is a review article published in 2008 that examines the evidence. The authors state:

“We conclude that the term “type 3 diabetes” accurately reflects the fact that AD represents a form of diabetes that selectively involves the brain and has molecular and biochemical features that overlap with both type 1 diabetes mellitus and T2DM.”

Risk of dementia is definitely higher for people with diabetes. Thus, it would be prudent to take steps that reduce our risk of diabetes.


Here is Dr. Greger on preventing diabetes with diet:


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More on the obesity dementia link

25 Jun

Why is obesity linked to dementia? One possibility is that obesity causes type II diabetes, which, in turn is a risk factor for dementia. Dr. Mirkrin does a good job of explaining this hypothesis.

This suggests that the things, like exercise and a plant based diet, that reduce the risk of  type II diabetes also reduces the risk of dementia.

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