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15 Feb

I wish I had more time to read and I wish I had more time to reread. I often discover and remember more if I read a book twice. Stephen Marche takes this to a new level, called centireading, reading the same book 100 times:

“I have read two books more than a 100 times, for different motives and with different consequences. Hamlet I read a 100 times for my dissertation, The Inimitable Jeeves by PG Wodehouse a 100 times for comfort. The experience is distinct from all other kinds of reading. I’m calling it centireading.”


“Centireading belongs to the extreme of reader experience, the ultramarathon of the bookish, but it’s not that uncommon. To a certain type of reader, exposure at the right moment to Anne of Green Gables or Pride and Prejudice or Sherlock Holmes or Dune can almost guarantee centireading.”

I am intrigued by this idea, if I had the time, I would like to try it. But I wonder what book I would choose? My first thought would be Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. I also wonder if there is a non-fiction book, such as some work of philosophy, that might be worth this kind of intense rereading.



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