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Warning: transcranial direct current stimulation may alter brain protiens

1 Jul

I know it’s tempting, but here’s another reason not to rush into transcranial direct current stimulation:

‘To better understand the effects of current on the brain the researchers used only 0.8V , about half the amount found in a 1.5 volt battery. Recent research published in the American Chemical Society publication Langmuir provided evidence that even at such a low voltage, the current could cause significant changes in the conformation of the proteins tested in the laboratory.
“What is happening in neurons is key because we know information is sent through electrical signals and if you apply external fields, there might be some important interruption that affects the normal functionality of neurons,” said Marucho. “Maybe you could enhance memory and other activities in the short term, but maybe you are also affecting some other important functions of neurons in the long term. We don’t know–and I don’t think anybody knows the long term effects of these applications.”’

The paper can be found here.

Proteins under the influence of an electric field

Proteins under the influence of an electric field

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