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Intelligent fish

24 Aug

Joseph Stromberg at Vox challenges the common notion that fish are dumb:

‘Australian biologist Culum Brown has a provocative argument in response, based on his years of research into fish behavior and learning. “They’re just not any less intelligent or sophisticated than terrestrial animals,” he says. “That idea is a total myth.”‘

The article is an extended interview with Brown and, towards the end, discusses the ethical implications of this research.


Mercury slows nerve transmission

17 Jun

Since fish is often recommended as a “brain food,” I feel a special responsibility to point out that fish should not be considered a safe source of omega-3 fatty acids. Here is a video by Dr. Greger describing recent research on the effects of mercury on the nervous system:


The prudent course of action is to consume plant sources of omega-3-fatty acids, such as ground flax seeds.

Arguments against eating fish

14 May

Eating fish, or taking fish oil supplements, is often promoted as a memory enhancer. But there are good reasons to avoid fish.

Dr. Mirkin reports that claims made about the cardiovascular benefits of fish consumption for Inuit people are suspect. He cites a recent paper in The Canadian Journal of Cardiology:

“Considering the dismal health status of Eskimos, it is remarkable that instead of labeling their diet as dangerous to health, a hypothesis has been construed that dietary intake of marine (fish) fats prevents heart attacks and reduces atherosclerotic burden.”

And from Dr. Greger there is this:


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Questions about the safety of fish and fish oil

30 Aug

Fish and fish oils are often promoted as memory enhancers. But there are reasons to be concerned about the safety of fish consumption. Here, for example, is a paper published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives titled “Impairments of memory and learning in older adults exposed to polychlorinated biphenyls via consumption of Great Lakes fish.”

Dr. Greger has more:

And so does fishoilsafety.com

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