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Yes, we have no tofu!

22 Jan

No, I am not becoming a food blogger, but a couple of weeks ago, I intersected with this news story while shopping at Whole Foods. I couldn’t find any tofu. I asked one of the employees and was told that they were completely out. Tofu seems like a fundamental building block of the health food store universe, and I was duly surprised by its absence.



The chronobiology of dieting

14 Feb

When you eat may affect how much weight you gain. This article in The New York Times describes the research:

“Scientists, like mothers, have long suspected that midnight snacking is inadvisable. But until a few years ago, there was little in the way of science behind those suspicions. Now, a new study shows that mice prevented from eating at all hours avoided obesity and metabolic problems — even if their diet was sometimes unhealthful.”

You can see the research paper here. From the paper’s highlights:

“•Time-restricted feeding (TRF) confines food access to 9–12 hr during the active phase
•TRF is a therapeutic intervention against obesity without calorie restriction
•TRF protects against metabolic diseases even when briefly interrupted on weekends
•TRF is effective against high-fat, high-fructose, and high-sucrose diets”


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