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Anecdotal account of the cognitive effects of sugar

14 Sep

From journalist Michael Grothaus:

“And that’s exactly what I did. The day I began my two-week refined-sugar-free diet, I thought it was mostly a pointless exercise, and that I would notice little, if any, differences. How wrong I was. By the time I finished, it was nothing short of a revelation.”

“But then on Day 6, something happened. The fogginess began to disappear along with the lingering headaches. The fruits I were now eating on a daily basis began tasting sweeter. By Day 8 or 9, I felt more focused and clear-headed than I had at any time in recent memory. This translated into greater productivity—for example, I was more engaged when interviewing sources for stories. I was better able to focus on what they were saying and could rapidly respond to their answers with new queries and reformulated ideas with a speed and clarity I’ve never possessed before. While reading a book or article, I felt like I absorbed more detail and information. In short, I felt smarter.”

Here is Dr. Greger on the addictiveness of sugar:


Recipe for Jeremy’s power yoga re-hydration drink

31 Aug

Who wants to consume a commercial high fructose corn syrup sports beverage during power yoga? Not me. So after much trial and error I arrived at this alternative recipe:

3 cups hibiscus tea

1 cup grape juice

1/8 teaspoon salt


Hibiscus tea: I got this idea from Dr. Greger who points to research showing the high anti-oxidant content of hibiscus tea:

I purchase organic hibiscus tea from Amazon and use three tea bags to a gallon of water. No need to heat it just let it sit in your refrigerator over night.


For sugar I use organic grape juice purchased at Whole Foods. As Dr. Mirkin points out, generally one should avoid sugar containing drinks, including fruit juice, expect during exercise.  The 1/8 teaspoon of salt provides the electrolytes.


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