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Should an exam be scheduled before or after Spring break?

15 Jan

Some years ago I let my membership in the American Educational Research Association lapse. This is because,  increasingly, I found its journals to be unreadable and irrelevant.

One the other hand, I have found the material published by the Society for Teaching Psychology in its journal the Teaching of Psychology to be both interesting and useful. I recommend it to anyone who teaches, even if you do not teach psychology. The journal often publishes research that speaks directly to the kind of issues that teachers are concerned about.

For example, in the most recent issue, Kevin J. O’Connor, published a paper that asks if a midterm exam should be scheduled before or after the Spring semester break. His conducted research and concluded:

“in-semester breaks do not impact exam performance and that faculty may choose to hold exams either before or after such breaks without concern for affecting student grades.”

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