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Exercise as a treatment for brain injury

7 Aug

In the past rest has been widely recommend as the appropriate treatment for brain jury. Now this conventional wisdom is being challenged:

“Over the course of a year, Klein tracked more than 600 patients with brain injury, getting more than half of them up and out of bed as early as the first day they were admitted to the ICU. What she found was that getting up and moving had clear benefits. Patients who started their rehabilitation earlier spent less time in the ICU and less time in the hospital. “They have less (sic)  pressure ulcers, less (sic) infections and spend less time on the ventilator if they need ventilator therapy,” says Klein. And most say they feel a lot better.”

Bed rest was a traditional treatment for many illnesses, such as heart disease. Increasingly, physicians are seeing the benefits of getting up and moving.



npr: “Hacking The Brain With Electricity”

19 May

A good story on NPR this morning about transcranial direct current brain stimulation (tDCS).

‘With funding from the Department of Defense, Clark set up an experiment in which subjects studied a series of complicated pictures. Hidden in each was a threatening object, such as a weapon or a suspicious package. The goal was to see how fast the subject could spot the objects with tDCS and without it.

“What we found,” says Clark, “is that the people who received a full dose of tDCS learned twice as much in the same hour of training as people who received a very low dose of tDCS or no tDCS at all.”‘

The story carries the important warning “don’t try this at home.”

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