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Ohio’s charter school scandal raises questions about online education

23 Aug

Buried in this article about Ohio’s growing charter school scandal is this sentence:

“Cohen said test scores are inexplicably bad for first-year students at Ohio’s online charter schools. Those schools, which educate children on computers at home, have the worst test scores in a state that has some of the worst-performing charter schools in the nation.”

Given Governor Kasich’s presidential bid, I am surprised that the poor performance of Ohio’s charter schools has not received more attention.

Cleveland Plain Dealer on the Kindle (Fail Edition)

27 Jul

I read my newspapers on my Kindle. My New York Times subscription works pretty well, but the Cleveland Plain Dealer is a disaster. I have to read the PD, it’s my local paper, but every issue is filled with strange errors, such as obituaries appearing with editorials. Yesterday’s issue included an article where all upper case Cs were replaces with 7s and Es were replaced with 6s.

Here’s what it looked like:





The Amazon reviews suggest that problems like this have been around for years and the PD has not bothered to fix them.

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