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I embrace the Misfit fitness tracker

2 Oct

For years, I have worn an Omron pedometer as part of a 10,000+ step a day program. The Omron pedometer is the most accurate pedometer that I have found. Part of my reluctance to move onto a fitness tracker, such as the Fitbit, is that I found they over counted steps.

On the other hand, I have been tempted by the idea of a fitness tracker that syncs to my phone, tracks activity other than walking (including sleep), and provides a good on line interface. Omron efforts to integrate its pedometers with the newer technology has been unimpressive.

Now, I have found a fitness tracker that seems to meet my needs: The Misfit Flash. It has a number of excellent features:

It is inexpensive compared to other fitness trackers ($23.99 on Amazon).

It uses a replaceable battery (but, I am not sure if this is good for the environment), and does not have to be charged frequently.

It does not over count steps as much as other fitness trackers I have tested (but is not as accurate as Omron pedometers).

It tracks both steps and other activities and assigns fitness points (I calculate that a fitness point equates to about 10 steps)

It has a nice interface available on my smart phone and computer.

It tracks sleep (although, I don’t know how I could check the accuracy of this).

One note of caution, the manufacture claims that it does not matter where you wear it. It does, if you wear in on your wrist, it will over estimate your activity. I have found it most accurate  if you wear it clipped to your waist or on your shoe.

Physicians should prescribe walking

5 Jun

One of the components of my memory improvement plan (to be discussed in my upcoming book) is studying while walking. Even without the cognitive component daily walking has important health benefits, described in the video below:



I walk for an hour every morning, either on my treadmill or outside. I wear a pedometer (more accurate than a fitbit or a smartphone pedometer)  and aim for a total 10,000 steps everyday. A hour of planned walking usually gives me between 6,500 and 7,000 steps, a good start towards the 10,000 goal.

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