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Alcohol consumption by country

21 Mar

An article in today’s Washington Post on world alcohol consumption:

“The rise of drinking in countries like China could be a cause for concern. Alcohol, which contributes to more than 300,000 deaths among males each year in the country, is considered the sixth greatest risk factor for men by the Institute for Health Metric and Evaluation.”



Risk factors for early-onset dementia

17 Mar

A paper “Cardiovascular and cognitive fitness at age 18 and risk of early-onset dementia” in the journal Brain, reports:

 “lower cardiovascular fitness and cognitive performance in early adulthood were associated with an increased risk of early-onset dementia and mild cognitive impairment later in life, and the greatest risks were observed for individuals with a combination of low cardiovascular fitness and low cognitive performance.”

Here is a good summary in Science Daily.

As always, we must remember that correlation is not causation and we cannot directly infer from this study that exercise and better diet will prevent early-onset dementia. One website reported the study this way: “Physical Fitness During Teens Prevents Early Onset of Dementia: Study,” a claim that, while plausible, goes beyond the evidence actually reported in the study.


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Loneliness promotes inflamation

7 Sep

A study, published in the journal Psychological Science, finds evidence that acute stress and loneliness are sources of inflammation.

Social isolation has been shown to be a risk factor for dementia. It is usually assumed that this is because isolation provides less cognitive engagement than social interaction. This study suggests that loneliness itself may be a risk factor for inflammation. Inflammation has been implicated as a possible cause of dementia.

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