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A new spaced repetition app

16 Aug

Benny Lewis at Fluent in Three Months announces a new spaced repetition app for language learning, MosaLingua. I am a big fan of spaced repetition for memory improvement and I use Anki and Memrise everyday.

Unfortunately, MosaLingua is not available yet in my target languages so I am unable to provide a review, but if you are trying to learn English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, or Portuguese you should check it out.

Spaced repetition at the Quantified Self

21 Sep

The most important technique for improving your learning and memory is spaced repetition. Here is a link to a series of videos about  spaced repetition at The Quantified Self.

1 Aug

In this video from The Quantified Self,  Steven Jonas does a good job of explaining spaced repetition software. Spaced repetition software represents the single greatest advance in memory improvement technology.

Spaced repetition at the Quantified Self

6 Jun

The Quantified Self has a post with many videos and links from the the Spaced Repetition breakout session at the 2014 Quantified Self Europe Conference.

Although the basic science date back to Hermman Ebbinghaus, modern spaced repetition technology now empowers a new generation of memory improvement techniques.



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Jeopardy! champions use Anki

15 Feb

Readers of this blog know that I am enthusiastic about spaced repetition software, such as Anki and Memrise, as a memory improvement technique.

In an interview with Mental Floss, Jeopardy Champion Arthur Chu describes his use of Anki:

“I used a program called Anki which uses a method called “spaced repetition.” It keeps track of where you’re doing well or poorly, and pushes you to study the flashcards you don’t know as well, until you develop an even knowledge base about a particular subject, and I just made flashcards for those specific things. I memorized all the world capitals, it wasn’t that hard once I had the flashcards and was using them every day. I memorized the US State Nicknames (they’re on Wikipedia), memorized the basic important facts about the 44 US Presidents.”

Here Chu describes his overall Jeopardy! strategy:

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Bjork on memory and the spacing effect

16 Nov

From GoCognitive, psychologist Robert Bjork explains the spacing effect on memory


How spaced repetition teaching works

7 Nov

Yesterday, I blogged about a study that compared spaced repetition teaching to standard instruction. Here is a pdf that describes, in detail, the teaching methods used in the study.

Here is brief overview from that document:

“A Spaced Learning session consists of three ‘inputs’ divided by 10-minute breaks, which students spend doing a simple activity such as dribbling a basketball or playing with modelling clay.

The first input is a lecture in which the teacher presents a large body of information, usually supported by a PowerPoint presentation. The second input focuses on recall, so students might be presented with the same PowerPoint presentation,now missing many key words, or they might carry out simple maths problems using the formulae presented in the first input. The final input focuses on understanding, so students should carry out a task that applies the knowledge or skills they have
just acquired.

This process of rapid structured repetition, separated by short breaks, embeds the information in the long- term memory.”

The pdf included links to videos of a spaced repetition instruction. After watching, I wondered if the instruction could be made even more effective by the use of guided notes.

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