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The cult of sleep deprivation

18 Jul

Atlantic associate editor Olga Khazan looks at the American cultural prejudice against sleep. It includes this quotation from Dale Carnegie:

“We don’t even know if we have to sleep at all!”

Carnegie was just one of many promoting a “cult of manly wakefulness,” where sleep is seen as a weakness and working until late as night is evidence of grit and determination.

This is an unfortunate obsession and, in reality, actually decreases productivity and creativity.

In this video CNN talks about sleep deprivation as a national health crisis:

Blue light disrupts student’s circadian rhythm

13 Dec

I wrote again a few days ago about the dangers of artificial light. I received my copy of Education Week today with a front page story: ” ‘Blue Light’ May Impair Students’ Sleep, Studies Say”  The article cites work by Charles A. Czeisler. Here is a piece by Czeisler in the science journal Nature.

Czeisler tell us:

“Sleep is essential to our physical and mental wellbeing, so it is vital that we learn more about the impact of light consumption and other ways our 24/7 society affects sleep, circadian rhythms and health. We must then use this knowledge to develop behavioural and technical interventions to mitigate these ill effects. It is time to reassess the early assurances of Thomas Edison that using electric light “is in no way harmful to health, nor does it affect the soundness of sleep”.”

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