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My book on memory improvement

3 Dec

Now on sale at Amazon, my book on memory improvement: Remembering Willie Nelson: The Science of Peak Memory .

Here is an excerpt form the  jacket description:

“WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE A MEMORY LIKE GOOGLE? Have you tried the tricks other memory books teach and given up? Can you actually improve your memory? What does science say? Memory researcher Jeremy Genovese knows there’s good news – science offers real help. A growing body of research has given us tools and techniques for REAL memory improvement. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the science of peak memory. Dr. Genovese’s book bridges that gap. Remembering Willie Nelson: The Science of Peak Memory introduces a number of ideas accepted by memory scientists, but largely unknown outside the laboratory. In easy-to-understand language, Dr. Genovese explains how you can harness these ideas to dramatically improve your memory. What would a better memory mean for you? Better grades? A better income? Not forgetting someone’s name? Remembering where you parked?”



Willie Nelson’s card trick

10 Sep

The title of my upcoming book on memory improvement is Remembering Willie Nelson: The Science of Memory Improvement. The title comes from the an incident where I could not recall the name of the great outlaw country singer.

It turns out that Willie is not just a great musician, he’s also a pretty good card magician. Here is video of him performing an impressive trick:


Hat tip to BoingBoing

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